Hero Scholar: Kaitlyn Hinton

Kaitlyn Hinton of Provo, Utah, a Pharmacy Scholar supported by the Estate of Robert Stolman, channels her passion for community volunteerism into transformative action. Sparked by a high school lesson on combatting hunger, she pioneered a mini food pantry, which became a catalyst for ongoing involvement in food bank support. During an 18-month religious service, Kaitlyn volunteered at Woodburn, Oregon’s food pantry, reinforcing her commitment. Fluent in Spanish, later she championed food bank accessibility in a Snow College pilot program that aimed to provide food to those who were unable to access traditional food banks due to work schedules. At Brigham Young University, her tenure with Community Action Services showcased her versatility in community service by serving both English and Spanish-speaking individuals to provide basic necessities, including food. Kaitlyn envisions infusing healthcare with her leadership experience, developing unity and collaboration among interdisciplinary teams. Kaitlyn is enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the South Jordan campus.